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Chanel Monique


Chanel McCrea is a wife and mother of two (Lydie & Jahmier). Her belief in helping others compelled her to pursue a career in the human services field. Chanel holds a B.A. in Human Services with a concentration in Family and Children Services from Southern New Hampshire University and a M.S. in Human Services with a specialization in Social and Community Services from Capella University. She's currently an employee of Maryland Department Human Service (MDHS) and works closely with families and children. She finds fulfillment in working with diverse populations and individuals in need.

While working with her clients, Chanel noticed that many mother’s lacked family support while others expressed that they lacked a sense of community (two things that are necessary when facing challenges related to parenting). Time at home with her husband and children showed Chanel that community and family are essential to growth and thriving. Wanting to ensure that other moms have the same supports in place, Chanel (with the help of her twin sister, Sydney) decided to bring A Mother's Thread into being.

1. Chanel loves 90's R&B, rom coms, and romance novels.
2. She enjoys art in all of its forms--especially tattoos!
3. She will always go out of her way to lend a helping hand.

Chanel Monique
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