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Business of the month pROFILE:

AM Freelance LLC

Freelancer: Web Design, Writing, and Digital Graphics

AM Freelance LLC provides technical and administrative support services to small- and medium-sized businesses to improve a company’s public communications, aid in procuring funding and streamlining web-based interfaces and platforms.

THE PROBLEM: Small-business owners are overwhelmed by the volume of writing, amount of time, and level of skill needed to complete projects and tasks that will position their start-ups for long-term success. Many brick-and-mortar small business owners struggle with pivoting their business plans to include a web-based component.

AM FREELANCE'S SOLUTION: To aid small-business owners who are struggling with organization, task management, and prioritization, AM Freelance provides web and graphic design services, web-based platform workflow analysis, and solution implementation and creative and technical writing.

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